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The Fundamentals of Numerology

Numerology or your path number is something that allows you to learn about yourself in more ways than one. Numerology is another term that people have for concept. In essence, numerology is studying the special relationship that exists between a number, a divine object, and life. This practice has been known for quite some time already. This practice has even been long known and believed by your ancestors.

Numerologists are what you call the people who believe and practice in life path number. For some numerologists, they assign certain letters to certain numbers. When it comes to getting your birth path number, the process involves taking numbers from your birthdate like your birth month, birth year, and birth date. The product will give you a particular set of numbers or just a number as your very own life path. From these numbers, you will know who you truly are. Through your birth path number, you will know who you truly are as well as the true reason why you are born along with your purpose and mission in life. A lot of people don’t believe in numbers and what significance they have. But then, you have to understand that this practice is still something that many Chinese, Greeks, and Arabs believe and consider crucial parts of their lives. For numerologists, their path number is something that they consider to provide them information about what they must do in the future. For these believers, they believe that something out there is destined for them.

There are different systems and methods that you can use to know your path number in life. These systems are called Indian numerology, Chinese numerology, Pythagorean system, Abjad system, and Alphabetic system.

For each letter of the alphabet, numerical values are assigned to them with the application of the Alphabetic system. A certain number comes out after getting a solution from an addition system. From this number, you will find out more about what your life is supposed to be like and who you are truly. For instance, if you were born on December 12, 1981, you have a path number of 7 after using a particular system and coming up with solutions. When you have 7 as your path number, you are more of a perfectionist and a conscious person. For individuals with 1 as their birth path number, you are most certainly a leader or an aggressor. The terms union, balance, and receptive are also associated with the number 2. You get respective meanings from each birth path number until 9.

For other systems using life path number, they follow the Alphabetic system with some changes. For the Chinese and the Indian, though, their numerology systems highly depend on the solar system, in particular, the planets.

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